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Tunisia is becoming a new travel trend and as an upcoming destination you'll want to start offering Tunisia to your clients immediately. Contact us for a partnership.

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  • Terrain expertise
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Don't cut corners to find a cheap tour, we add experience and value to our tours.


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Services // Authentic Tunisia

Authentic Tunisia (TM) is tour operator and destination manager designed to create true and meaningful travel to Tunisia. We strive to show visitors the beautiful and kind face of this peaceful country. Our travel services cover nearly all needs, including the following:

Individual and family travel: beach vacations, tours, and Saharan Safaris.

Group trips: speciality tours, church groups, archeaology excursions, etc.
Sidi Bou Said, Tunis | One of the Places to See Before You Die
Business: team building, meetings & incentive, conferences,

Destination weddings, luxury thalassotherapy spas, cosmetic surgery, and more!

Tunisia, the jewel of the Mediterranean

Nestled on the northern coast of Africa, Tunisia is only 70 miles from Sicily and borders Libya and Algeria. Features over 800 miles of Mediterranean beaches, dozens of fresh-water springs and pools, several mountain ranges, and the great oriental erg of the Sahara. Formerly a french colony, Tunisia's second language after Arabic is French and had a large influence in french architecture, infrastructure and education and health systems, among others. A quite progressive Muslim country, Tunisia has had a quite peaceful existance particularily in the past 30 years, which has also encouraged more and more tourists to come and visit this magnificent country. Among olive trees, blue skies, and sweet green mint tea, you'll fall in love with Tunisia.